This site and sign up is ONLY FOR COMP MEMBERS who have a solo/duet/trio!

Just ONE slot per solo dancer or duet/trio.

You will be asked for credit card information to HOLD each $49 time slot. Your card will NOT be charged unless you fail to show for your appointment and forget to cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.

Bring credit card to SESSION as you will make your ACTUAL deposit/payment at the studio at the rate of $49 for the first costume and $25 for each additional costume.

Don't forget to THOROUGHLY read your confirmation and reminder emails after booking!

Check out the SESSIONS FAQ Section below the booking section for more commonly asked questions & tips!



First, choose the BLUE 'Book Now' BOX!

Next, choose a white date box to see the available appointments on that day!

Then, SCROLL DOWN to see the available appointments for that day!





(Go HERE for General FAQ's)

1.  Why do I provide CC info twice?

The FIRST, online $49 is just for the time slot HOLD and we do not charge your card unless you fail to show for your appointment and forget to cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.  You will make your ACTUAL deposit the day-of (or at least sometime BEFORE your scheduled session) at the studio, so have credit card present.  It's done this way so the info can be recorded correctly in our app (which currently cannot be publicly accessed online) and one can make payment for ALL costumes/sessions/dancers at once!

Before requiring CC Info when signing up, we had a 60% show rate and since we have LIMITED Sessions available we want to make sure people are serious when signing up!  We now have a NEARLY 100% show rate!  

2.  What do you mean 'have pose ideas ready'?

Since we don't know everyone's skill level or exact dances, we want dancers to have a few favorite parts of his/her dance or skill sets ready to showcase.  We can then tweak and go from there having a better idea of his/her talents.  It does NOT mean 'I want one standing and one sitting' it's more particular to his/her dance/dances.  This is not as important for our tiny dancers (under 6ish).  For some great ideas, check out our Pinterest page!

3.  What if I don't like any of my photos?

We hope you do (and 99% do) but totally understand this question when making a deposit!  We offer a FULL refund if you do not find anything you like.  We will take down his or her photos and refund your dollars.  We do not offer PARTIAL refunds.  You must email us BEFORE your Gallery Finale to take advantage of this refund.  Go to our Deposits Page to get WAY TOO MUCH info regarding your Deposit!

4.  What can we use our deposit money on?

This deposit is just like a gift certificate/card!  The money paid for the deposit can be used toward ANYTHING on the site, not just the particular individual photos one is paying toward.  You may use it to buy group shots and shots from any other gallery (including other dancers in the family).  They can be used toward ANYTHING on our site (prints, products, & digital files).  Go to our Deposits Page to get WAY TOO MUCH info regarding your Deposit!

5.  How do I apply the money to my total?

You will receive an email with a 'gift certificate code' when you make your deposit.  Add anything and everything to your cart.  When checking out, choose 'Gift Certificate' under the Payment Method.  Enter your code in that box.  It will then ask you for another payment method to take care of the rest of your cart total.   Go to our Deposits Page to get WAY TOO MUCH info regarding your Deposit

6.  Can I see a pricelist?

Of course, here is a link to the 2020 Pricelist!

7.  What's the process on the day-of shooting?

Come just a few minutes before your scheduled appointment, primed and primped, ready to shoot.  We will take your deposit (CREDIT CARD ONLY) and then we start shooting.  Parents are NOT allowed in the shoot room.  We will go over any pose ideas the dancer may have as well as the style of their dance and then get to shooting!

8.  What's the process after we shoot?

Each dancer will receive a handout with all the important details for finding and ordering photos.  It can be found here.  Photos will be online ONE WEEK after we shoot.  You can view and order photos from the comfort of your home.  Be sure to order by MON, Jun29 before prices go up, packages/digital files are no longer offered, and coupon codes expire!


Got all the details?  BOOK ABOVE or LINK TO YOUR GALLERIES!