YAY… galleryDEBUT is upon us!
We will start with groupSHOTs, then SAT individuals, and finish with SUN individuals! It’s a slow export process at the moment so we anticipate this taking a few days.

If you made a deposit you will receive an email with your unique gift certificate code and instructions for how to use it, no later than THU may26! We are delaying sending that information and opening the site for orders until 90% of images are online. We will update here and the info site with exact time the ‘relevePHOTO Deposit Information’ email has been sent!

In the meantime, enjoy the groupSHOTs and individuals as they roll out… a gallery is considered complete ONLY when rP’s fav, the crazyFUN groupSHOT in AGED treatment, becomes the cover image! Please wait to email if you cannot locate your dancer until this has occurred!

EXTRA NOTE: If you/your dancer took photos with a different class, those images will be with the class one SHOT WITH, not necessarily the class the deposit was made under. siblingSESSION shots will go in the gallery of the class they were taken with/around.
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