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For all positions, email and tell us which

location/position you’re applying for & how you fit the description below!



  This ‘BUSINESS MANAGER’ will be ‘the face’ of relevéPHOTO therefore most important qualities are personable, friendly, informative, helpful, sweet, patient, organized and caring.  This person will be helping clients outside of the photo room in making their deposits.  In the past, it's been a more intensive position, but our new app means less paperwork so this person basically just needs to take credit cards payments.  

  This position requires a lot of attention to detail and organization of information in a fast-paced setting. He or she must be comfortable being in charge and finding solutions to any problems that may arise.

  This description feels overly formal, something relevéPHOTO is NOT, but it is an INCREDIBLY important position for many reasons (including handling money) but MOSTLY (again) because you represent us… and we like to think we’re cool, nice people. ‘Nice’ is a small word… that can make a BIG difference.


  • Run relevéPHOTO’s deposit-taking business at a dance studio location.
  • Handle credit card transactions using the Square platform.
  • Help people and answer questions to make the picture taking/ordering process run smoothly.


  • Personable, friendly, informative, helpful, sweet, patient, organized and caring.
  • Stays calm and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASANT in busy, stressful situations.
  • Knows how to navigate Apple products (Macbook, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, etc.)
  • Comfortable conversing with people of all ages, backgrounds, etc.
  • ‘Go with the flow’ attitude; ADAPTABLE.
  • Reliable transportation… and RELIABLE IN LIFE/GENERAL!


  • Familiar with relevéPHOTO in some way: ‘I ordered photos from y’all last year. I sure do love that metallic finish.’
  • Knows the dance/recital process: ‘My daughter has taken eight years of dance, we have 176 costumes at home.’
  • Thinks people who wear faux fur vests and scarves in the summer are cool: ‘Work it, girl!’

OPENINGS:     Six (based on locations listed below)

ATTIRE:     Comfortable, but put together! (Jeans are fine!)

LOCATION:     Different locations, you don't need to be able to work ALL project locations, just apply for ANY location that suits you:  Austin, MN (MAR 10/11) - Maple Grove, MN (MAR 17-22) - Coon Rapids, MN (MAR 26-28) - Alpharetta/Roswell, GA (APR 14-18) - Acworth, GA (APR 22-28) - Bloomington, MN (MAY 05/06)   (WeekNIGHT hours:  ~4-9:30PM / WeekEND hours:  ALL DAY PARTY! )

PAY:     Starting at $14 (more if person can work a whole ‘project’)



Only requirements are awesomeness, patience and dance technique/knowledge.  Your main task would be to help photographer pose dancers for their photos!  It’s fun & open to all ages as long as you can get to the studio we are shooting at!  Hourly pay in cash, food, & high fives.

OPENINGS:     Several in each location.

ATTIRE:     Comfortable

PAY:     Starting at $14

LOCATION:     Around Minneapolis in March & Early May  /  Around Atlanta in April  (we will provide specific dates in email)



We are looking for people with graphic design or digital photo editing experience for this 'PHOTO EDITOR' position.  This is a seasonal job and can be done from home or anywhere you like!  This person will take lightly retouched photos and turn them to perfection using Lightroom and/or Photoshop.  Hours and workload will vary from week to week  (estimation:  April & May: ~20 hours/week; June & July: ~12 hours/week). 


  • Pull requested photo sheets from dropbox on Monday and upload finished files by Friday.
  • Use Lightroom for initial pass to clean up background and floor and even light on subject.
  • Finish images in Photoshop if needed to take out dust data from floor, correct costume issues or any other needed edits.


  • Strong knowledge of and demonstrated history using Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Must have access to dedicated internet.
  • Must have Lightroom and Photoshop programs.
  • Must be reliable, easy-going, flexible, and cool to work with.


  • Has some experience in the dance world.  (not required)
  • Lives around Minneapolis, MN. (not required)

OPENINGS:     One or two.

PAY:     Starting at $15/hour; more if more efficient.



DESCRIPTION COMING SOON... basically because we don't have time to write one, similarly we don't have time to do all that cool SM stuff... but if you are good at social media (whether you're a high school sophomore or 60-year-old SM maven)  REACH OUT TO US!  And tell us what you're looking for in compensation & the amazing ways you'll earn said comp request!   Our biggest requirements are CONSISTENCY and GOOD SPELLING (so the bar is real high...... :)


EMAIL and tell us which location/position you’re applying for and how you fit the description above!