one-of-a-kind pieces for your one-of-a-kind dancer.


Dear Artsy, Fun Person,

First things first, about this relevéART fun... it's important to know we absolutely LOVE our classic dance shots!  We love those awkward 3-year-old unpointed toes (oh we tried for a point!), those middle school, braces-filled sassy smiles and those long lines of a beautifully executed arabesque by a seasoned ballerina!  We think those 'classic' shots are ART already because of the subject themselves.  relevéART is unique opportunity to decorate your walls with pictures of those you love presented in a new, original way.  Personally, I would purchase relevéART for a milestone, maybe my daughter's first year in dance, maybe the year she joins company or makes the top level, or (tears in my eyes) gets ready to perform her last recital before graduation.  But you don't need a reason or a milestone to take part... you need a dancer, so let's jump in.  




...ALLOW THE MAGIC TO HAPPEN!  After we receive your completed design survey and/or you turn over creative freedom it could be as many as four weeks before you see your design options.   More specifically:  Apr-June: Four weeks; July & after: Three weeks.

...SHOW THEM OFF!  relevéART pieces are meant for display, we only offer products 8x10 and larger. 

...PLAN YOUR BUDGET!  This luxury service has a $75 minimum investment (your $50 deposit goes toward this minimum).  There is a higher price point for all relevéART products as they include the design fee.  We do offer SIGNIFICANT price breaks on buying multiple pieces/prints of the same image.

...REAP THE LUXERY REWARDS TOO!  All relevéART includes FREE Priority Shipping and a FREE 8x10 print of a purchased file.

...KNOW ALL THE ABOVE ITEMS BEFORE TAKING PART!  We want people who want beautiful pieces... we want these pieces to be personal and LOVED; we want them to be shown off and 'ohh'ed over; we love the idea of creating something just for you/your dancer... that's what this is...  that's relevéART.  So back out now if you're not in it with us...

 (still there?  let's get down to business then...)



1.  Purchase a ‘relevéART Deposit,’ found under ‘New Items’ category, along with your standard photo order.
2.  You will get an email within 36 hours containing more info and a link to our design survey.  Fill out and return the design survey or reply ‘I give you full creative freedom’ within seven days!  This survey allows you to be as involved as you like in the ART process... take advantage!  We love details and whatever you can give us will help make the piece more personal.  However, at the same time, if you like what you've seen, we can take it from there...
3.  When we finish designing, we will upload two options, each allowing for one revision, and email you a private link to place your order for your one-of-a-kind piece/s.  



These samples are small square crops of a bigger picture.  These are JUST SAMPLES and can be used as a jumping off point as EVERY PIECE OF relevéART IS UNIQUE.  When filling out design survey you could mention certain samples you really like, but also, samples you don't like, as that information helps us get a better sense of your eye.  More may be added throughout the season!

ART FAQs:    

Q:  How many images can we include?

A:  When you make your deposit, you'll highlight one photo you love but we may reach out or you could include in your design survey about using other images as well.  You must have purchased 2/3's of the photos we use, meaning if you wanted a piece that somehow included nine photos, you must have purchased a regular print/product in at least six of the images we use.  You can use photos from different years (especially perfect for graduating dancers) but the same 2/3's rule applies!  

Q:  What if I don't love the options you provide?

A:  We'll work hard to make it right.  If you provided no information on the design survey, we'll ask you to go back and spend some time really thinking about those questions.  We'll work together and if still isn't just right for you, we'll take down your image gallery and turn your $50 deposit into a $50 gift certificate with relevéPHOTO that can be used on anything (from regular & SOLObooth galleries) and is good for this year and 2017!

Q:  Can I review the Design Survey before?

Yes.  Go HERE!

(we will update this section as we learn more about your questions)